We’re Fusion Media – the PR and Digital Agency for endurance sport.

We talk authentically to passionate and knowledgeable cyclists, runners and endurance athletes across the UK and Europe. We’re a team of endurance sport experts that know our audience and how to talk to them.

Fusion Media has doubled in size in the last 12 months and from our roots in cycling are expanding our offering into running, endurance and outdoor markets in the UK and Europe.

Founded in 2008, we’re specialists in cycling and running markets. Our portfolio of clients includes brands like Strava, where we work as the social network’s European PR agency, Red Bull, Shimano, Telegraph Events, Ribble, Royal Dutch Gazelle and Madison.

Here is a list of our current vacancies:

PR Account Manager: £30,000-£35,000, dependent on experience

We’re seeking an experienced PR Account Manager to join our versatile and fast-paced PR team. The candidate will have previous experience in PR and be very passionate about sport. Working as part of a team of thirteen, the successful candidate will be comfortable working on a variety of different projects and managing on-going relationships with clients and specialist, fitness and national media both in the UK and Europe. The candidate should be a self-starter and be confident pro-actively pitching ideas and stories, as well as building relationships with key media.

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