We’re Fusion Media – the PR and Digital Marketing agency for endurance sport.

We talk authentically to passionate and knowledgeable cyclists, runners and endurance athletes through specialist and national media, and through owned channels, in both the UK and Europe.

Fusion Media has doubled in size each year for the last two years and from our roots in cycling we are expanding our offering into running, endurance and outdoor markets in the UK and Europe.

Founded in 2008, our portfolio of clients includes brands like Strava, where we work as the social network’s European PR agency, Red Bull, OVO Energy, Evans Cycles, ofo, Shimano, Wahoo Fitness and Telegraph Events.

We work hard but we look after our team:

  • 25 days holiday, plus Bank Holidays
  • Weekly fruit delivery
  • Cycle to Work Scheme (obviously)
  • Generous staff discounts on bikes, clothing and parts & accessories
  • Free coffee, well-stocked beer and Red Bull fridges
  • Strava Premium and Spotify Premium memberships
  • Membership to Perkbox, giving you access to exclusive employee perks and big discounts from some of the UK’s top brands
  • Bike-friendly offices (showers, secure storage)
  • A great team spirit!

We’re always looking for great talent, drop us a CV with something to wow us and we’ll invite you in for a chat.


Fusion Media Services Limited is a company incorporated in England and Wales. Company registration number: 6689876. VAT registration number: 109473510. Registered office: 16-16a Baldwin's Gardens, London, EC1N 7RJ.