Strava Unveils Club Posts, the Newest Way for Groups of Athletes to Connect on Strava

Today Strava introduces club posts, the newest way to share content and information on the social network for athletes. Strava club admins can now share a variety of posts with club members including announcements, questions, stories, photos, routes and segments, articles, product reviews, and other engaging athletic content. Once posted, content now appears in club member’s Strava feed as well as in the Posts section of the club. Learn more about club posts here.

Strava clubs are increasingly the place to find information, share inspiring stories and build community among athletes, with clubs ranging from casual groups of friends to local shops to global brands. Club posts offers a new way for club admins to keep Strava athletes up-to-date about what’s happening in their communities. Club admins can also share the post link with their social media network to grow an even larger Strava club following.

“We are committed to making Strava the home for people’s athletic life, where you are not only tracking activities but also connecting with other athletes: sharing tips, discovering new routes and races, and getting inspired,” says Aaron Forth, Chief Product Officer at Strava. “With more than 160,000 active clubs on Strava, we saw an opportunity to offer even more ways for athletes to engage with each other, keep clubs active and growing, keep athletes motivated, and ultimately provide an even richer Strava experience.”

Club posts are the latest addition to Strava’s social platform, and another step toward making Strava the comprehensive home for athletes to share content with each other, get inspired, and discuss relevant topics with other athletes.

Late last year Strava introduced club posts in beta to a limited set of clubs, which not only helped to improve product features for wider availability but also resulted in increased engagement with club posts. On average, over 20% of athletes on Strava who saw a club post engaged with it. This newest content feature on Strava joins other recent milestones for the social platform including the billionth shared activity and athlete posts, a new way for individual athletes to share content on Strava.

Strava makes it easy to connect and engage with other athletes. Download Strava for iOS or Android and upgrade to Strava Premium to access advanced features. To learn more about Strava, visit

Posted on June 29, 2017 in Featured

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