Strava Makes Group Activity Planning Easy with New Club Events for Mobile

Strava, the social network for athletes, has enhanced its social and community experience with the introduction of club events for mobile users. Club administrators can now create events via the Strava mobile app and share event details with other members. Club members will be notified of the event, and can then view event details, RSVP, access an event’s route and share via other social media channels.

Learn more about Strava clubs here.

“Bringing our club events feature to mobile is another way we’re continuing to help our community of athletes engage with one another,” said Will Lee, Product Manager at Strava. “From talking to club admins, we learned that they were looking for an easier way to plan group activities with members, especially on mobile. Club events on mobile allow athletes in a club to quickly organise a real-world activity. Bringing club events to mobile is our latest step to help build thriving communities on Strava.”

The events functionality on mobile builds on the recent introduction of clubs on mobile, making it easy to connect and engage with other athletes. Strava uses feedback to continuously evolve and add new dimensions to the social experience. Strava’s new club event features for mobile are available now on iOS or Android. Events were previously a feature available only to web users.

Download Strava in the Apple Store or Google Play, and upgrade to Strava Premium to access the latest features such as Beacon and Live Segments. To learn more about Strava, visit

Posted on April 19, 2017 in Featured

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