Guy Elliott Appointed Non-Executive Director of Fusion Media

• Former DHL CEO joins Fusion Media team
• Will advise the company on growth in UK and Europe
• Established successful Women’s Tour and DHL Sprint School

Fusion Media, the London-based PR and social media agency is pleased to announce the appointment of Guy Elliott as Non-Executive Director.

Fusion Media are specialists in cycling, running and endurance sport markets. Specialising in these areas across Europe, their portfolio of clients includes Strava, where they work as the social network’s European PR agency, Telegraph Events, Ribble, Royal Dutch Gazelle, Madison, CSM Active and Cycliq.

Elliott brings a wealth of international commercial experience. He was CEO for DHL’s Supply Chain business in Northern Europe, a business generating in excess of £1 billion turnover per annum, working extensively in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavia and The Baltics, amongst others.

Prior to this he various senior positions within the consumer and food retail sector of DHL Exel Supply Chain, starting as a business director in the retail division and culminating in his appointment to be chief executive of DHL’s consumer and food retail business in 2005.

Elliott also has a detailed knowledge of the cycling industry in its widest context. Opting out of mainstream business life in 2013 to pursue a keen interest in cycling, Elliott joined SweetSpot to establish The Women’s Tour, which since its inception in 2014 is regarded as one of the premier events on the women’s international calendar. He is Race Controller on both the Tour of Britain and the Women’s Tour.

While at DHL, he established the highly-regarded DHL Sprint Schools which took many hundreds of teenagers from all over UK and, with Sir Chris Hoy and several other Olympic athletes, coached them to be highly competent track cyclists; many of these young riders went on to become world champions in their own right.

Guy Elliott commented: “I am delighted to be joining Fusion Media and have known the team for some time. I particularly like the way they go all out to exceed, rather than simply meet, their clients’ expectations. Fusion has already proved itself to be a highly successful business but I am confident there is very significant potential to widen their UK and European footprint and skill set.”

Adam Tranter, Founder and Director of Fusion Media, said: “Guy brings a wealth of experience to our growing team and we’re pleased he’s joining us at such an exciting time. We feel we have huge potential, focusing on our endurance sport specialism, in both the UK and Europe and welcome Guy’s experience and learnings in these areas.”

Elliott has lived in several European countries for some years and speaks fluent Dutch and German. In his free time, he continues to ride a bike, is President of Solihull Cycling Club – one of the largest cycling clubs in the UK – and is a British Cycling Commissaire.

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Posted on March 2, 2017 in Featured

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